For those customers who do not require any support or crew services and simply are in need of a leased aircraft only, we offer Dry Lease Services.

Our Dry Lease Terms typically range from 1-3 years (minimum)

With Aircraft Lease International’s Dry Lease Services, clients bear responsibility for all costs other than those associated with major checks and required aircraft service, such as: engine overhauls, landing gear overhauls, and/or D-Checks. All other costs (such as routine aircraft maintenance, including all minor checks such as A, B, and C Checks) and operating costs (in addition to required personnel costs, insurance, and any other measures to keep the aircraft in top condition) will be the responsibility of our clients.

All aircraft within our fleet are kept in excellent working order to facilitate safety, reliability, and punctuality.

Other services:

  • ACMI Wet Lease
  • Charter Services
  • Dry Lease Services
  • Aircraft Acquisition / Sales

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