ALI employs the same methods in buying an aircraft for a client that we use when we buy or trade for our own inventory. It’s a team effort from day one, with all of our global resources and relationships at your disposal. We’ll ask all the right questions to make sure you are buying the right aircraft for the job. We will search the world's markets to locate the best aircraft available, often finding hidden opportunities that create exceptional values. Once the right aircraft is located , we will stay with you through contracting, technical evaluations and we will handle all of the details of closing. We can advise or make uncompromising referrals regarding transaction structures, operations management, leasing and financing, and countless other details. If you need operations management, maintenance or charter services, we can coordinate with our alliance partners.

Sales & Brokerage

For our own inventory, and on an exclusive basis for our clients, ALI maintains a high-profile presence in the worldwide marketplace. We strongly believe that aircraft need to be seen to be sold, so we take to the skies to make deals happen. We invest in the most productive marketing methods and advertising to provide quality exposure to all segments of our markets on a global basis. Our worldwide network of offices and relationships enables us to tailor a campaign to meet the demands of any assignment. And the same negotiating and technical skills that we use on the buy-side, provides expert oversight and protection on the sell-side. We can also provide operational and logistics support and referrals in terms of hangar, pilots, maintenance oversight or overall aircraft management, where that support will add value or flexibility to a deal.

Other services:

  • ACMI Wet Lease
  • Charter Services
  • Dry Lease Services
  • Executive Aircraft – CRJ VIP

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